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Design Inspiration: Wall Murals

Wall Murals are an easy cost effective way to uplift any space in your home. Your walls can go from bland to being the focal point of the room. It adds some drama and sets the mood quite simply. While choosing a mural can be a daunting task, it does not have to mean chintzy floral patterns, landscapes or 18th century sceneries. Today there are various options and themes to choose from. Don’t be afraid of scale and adding imagery, it can work in your favor as long as you balance all the elements.

While making a selection think about how it will compliment your current space, keep it less busy and choose colors, textures that will blend in.Try incorporating a mural in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. A backdrop behind the bed or a blank wall which could use some excitement can make all the difference. Just one wall is all it takes to immediately set the mood in a room.

For our inspirational images we liked the neutral tones and play with scale. The diving image as a backdrop is one such example where the scale of the wall mural creates an impact on its own. Think of it this way, a wall mural even acts an equivalent of adding a window. Laura Bohn Design used a wall mural in an in-house gym space, it gives the viewer something to look at as well as lightens up the space. It’s a small change which goes a long way.


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