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Laura’s Take on Pantone Color of the Year 2017

At a time when designers are trying to find more ways to strike a balance between modern living and the natural environment; a revitalizing color which reconnects with nature is the new favorite.Greenery is 2017s Pantone Color of the Year.

Laura Bohn Design has incorporated hints of green in various projects. Whether it is to bring a little zest amongst a neutral palette or to compliment its picturesque backdrop. The color brings an organic touch to Laura’s modern design aesthetics while also adding a sense of calmness.

For those who are inclined to modern and contemporary style, the key to using green is creating balance. Instead of painting a wall green or making any sort of major commitment such as upholstered furniture; one can use the color through accessories. Laura suggests using green by:

“I always love including all shades and textures of the color green in homes. From pillows to table accessories, wall paintings, etc. Green brings the outdoors and nature inside, helping one feel happy, fresh and rejuvenated all year round.” -Laura Bohn

Greenery is not just a trend for Laura but a color which resonates with nature and one that softens modern design. We hope this refreshing color inspires you to bring a little change in your home as well.



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