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Current Inspiration “Black & White Paint”

While some may hesitate on the thought of painting their walls black, fearing it will make their space smaller, darker or rigid. We say it’s time to reconsider the color. A black wall is a simple way to make a style statement. It is bold, modern and luxurious. And just like that little black dress, black in interiors will always be in trend.

Black walls can balance a space as well as soften it depending on how one uses it. Avoid your space looking overwhelming by trying a two toned wall, a focal wall in a room or painting the ceiling black. Less is more, adding black as an accent along trims, doors and artwork is a simple way of incorporating the style or make your space playful by adding a chalkboard wall.

Before you add some black to your home don’t forget to consider where the color will be used as it can have a different undertone depending on how much and what kind of light it is exposed to. Have a look at what paint finish is a good match for your space, a matte black finish for example helps diffuse light and hides bumps on walls.

Compliment the finish with contrasting elements. Adding different textures against black walls can bring subtle visual interest. Metallic finishes such as bronze, gold and silver can act as accents as well. A hint of color can brighten the space without going overboard.

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