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ICFF ’17 Panel Discussion

Trends was the topic for this year’s ICFF panel discussion moderated by Carl Dellatore. The five designers contributing to this included Glenn Gissler, Barry Goralnick, Etienne Coffinier, Ed Ku and Laura Bohn.

The panel have also contributed to Carl Dellatore’s book Interior Design Masterclass. The book features hundred designers from the interior design industry sharing their expertise and opinions. The book is a great resource, providing its readers with tips and inspiration. Interior Design Masterclass can be purchased here.

The discussion was on the role of trends along with how and when to adapt them. Interior design much like fashion goes through various phases of trends. The designers unanimously agreed that trends can be a source of inspiration for designers but they come and go. It’s important not to follow them blindly but blend them into one’s own style while making it authentic.

Few Takeaways from the Panel:

  • Use trends as the last resort since they change constantly. As designers one should not be influenced solely by on going trends but create spaces which will last and transition with time.
  • For those weary of  following trends in their spaces, choosing a selection of temporary decorative items are a great way to incorporate trends while not feeling restricted.
  • Being aware of what is available in the market. Try finding new and innovative materials that are available and find ways to experiment with them. See how they may look against different textures, materials and colors.
  • Find trends which influence you but will not compromise your creativity.
Trends are ever evolving and reviving with time. It takes a good designer to strike a balance between what works best “currently” and what will be timeless.

Photography Meghan Swann for Editor-at-Large
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