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Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As designers we have a responsibility of bringing awareness by making environmental friendly choices for the spaces we design and occupy on a daily basis. The choices we make have a direct   impact on our surroundings. Laura Bohn believes it is important to commemorate this day more than ever, “I have always been conscious of the environment whether it is nature, animals or how we go about trashing waste. It is essential that we make an effort to recycle and upcycle our resources to prevent further damage to nature and animals. It always hurts me to see unkempt plants which are devoid of nourishment. I implement these ideals into my design as well but it is integral that we work towards making it our lifestyle. On Earth Day April 22nd let’s take a moment to be conscious of our actions”.

Take a moment to celebrate Earth day by doing your part big or small. Whether it is making it a point to recycle material, plant trees or campaigning for the environment. It is our duty to create a better environment for us all.

1) Appreciate Nature: Take time out to really appreciate nature. The view of your backyard garden or a hike up a hill will remind you just how important nature is and without these wonders there will be little to admire.

2) Donate and Volunteer to Organizations: Research on organizations which resonate with you and make a donation or volunteer to create impact through action. Laura Bohn’s favorite organizations include:

a) KIVA: A non-profit that allows one to lend money directly to low income entrepreneurs all over the world in small amounts. This could be for those looking for a loan to grow crops or funding towards providing a source for clean water in a neighborhood.

b) Adopt a Highway: This organization helps maintain and remove trash from our highways.

3) Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle: Find inspiration by creating ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle material. Use old and unused items and find it a new place. Donate clothes, furniture and anything else. If you are looking to redo your home talk to a designer about finding ways to use reclaimed material. Reduce your footprint by bringing changes to your lifestyle.

4) Keep yourself Updated: For more tips on making an impact and environment literacy visit

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