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Fireplace Decor

Now that the weather is getting colder, the fireplace will soon be put to use and become the centerpiece of the room once again. Which is why it would be a good time to consider elevating the area by adding the right kind of decor. Whether the style is contemporary or modern, the fireplace area can use a few details which can make it a focal area of any room. This can be as simple as adding a wooden shelf on top or as far as designing the complete area itself.

For a quick fixer upper try adding different pieces such as paintings, ceramics, plants and sculptures together which will create subtle contrasts against a fireplace. On the other hand if you are up for a challenge then consider revamping the fireplace by focusing on the whole wall. This can be achieved by bringing together design details through touches of color, molding and contrast of materials. Matte paint against marble or covering the complete wall by a material such as stone, reclaimed wood or wallpaper that can bring all the more change. Laura Bohn’s projects (as seen below) uses these elements to achieve a focal fireplace of its own. Don’t underestimate how a small area such as your fireplace can create a big impact and become the centerpiece of any room with the help of a little decor.


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