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Puppy Sitting On A Sofa, Looking Comfortable.
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Make the most of your home during Coronavirus.

Making the most of your home during the Coronavirus pandemic is becoming challenging. The current virus pandemic is taking us all by surprise. We’re being asked to stay home for unnaturally long periods and to seriously restrict contact with other…

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The Art of Curating a Focal Wall

Art and Interiors go hand in hand. Selecting statement art for any space can uplift the mood and be a show stopper. Choosing a piece of art for your space should definitely  not be left for last, its imperative to…

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Take a Tour through Laura’s Holiday Decor

Now that Christmas is fast approaching and the inner designer in you can't  wait to transform your home by bringing together everything that feels and screams Christmas. Laura shares a few decor ideas of her own which happen to be…

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Fireplace Decor

Now that the weather is getting colder, the fireplace will soon be put to use and become the centerpiece of the room once again. Which is why it would be a good time to consider elevating the area by adding the right…

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Design Inspiration: Wall Murals

Wall Murals are an easy cost effective way to uplift any space in your home. Your walls can go from bland to being the focal point of the room. It adds some drama and sets the mood quite simply. While…

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