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Make the most of your home during Coronavirus.

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Making the most of your home during the Coronavirus pandemic is becoming challenging. The current virus pandemic is taking us all by surprise. We’re being asked to stay home for unnaturally long periods and to seriously restrict contact with other people whilst staying completely sane!

Being in the business of residential design, I am forced to consider making the most of your home by maintaining comfort and well-being at home.

Here are a few tips I thought I could share:

Do an early spring cleaning.

Deep clean your home: Disinfect all hard surfaces, remove all unnecessary items, keep areas organized and tidy. This will give you peace of mind and make future cleaning easier. See this helpful cleaning guide from House Beautiful.

Consider minimalism: (I never thought I’d say that!)
The less clutter, the less stress we will feel — especially in these stressful times. I found these Mindful Habits from Apartment Therapy very useful.

Disinfect commonly used hard surfaces often.

We have to leave our homes sometimes and with this, we will bring in germs. Stock up on disinfecting cleaning supplies to keep our homes as germ-free as possible. Re-use washcloths so you don’t run out of paper towels.

Maintain good airflow and natural light. 

Good air quality is important all year-round. Open your windows regularly and maximize natural light. See this helpful list of top new air purifiers.

Create a comfortable working environment.

For those of us who are able to work from home, it’s important to carve out a space that is productive and inspiring. Make it inspiring by include plants, adding color, and using office-related items. I love these tips from The Verge on remote working tips.

Fall in love with your home.

Appreciate its spaces, the small details. Reorganize, refresh, and re-envision your home.

Take a peek at my book on the many ways I’ve re-envisioned my home throughout my life– Ways of Seeing by Laura Bohn.

Help others, if you can.

There are many ways work restrictions will hurt us, especially those who do not have the option to work from home. Please consider helping in any way you can, whether it’s sharing supplies, volunteering, or donating to your local food bank. Find your local food bank.


Wash your hands often.
Keep your distance.
Stay hopeful. We’ll get through this!

Hope these tips keep you inspired in making the most of your home during the Coronavirus.

Stay safe everyone.

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