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The Art of Curating a Focal Wall

Art and Interiors go hand in hand. Selecting statement art for any space can uplift the mood and be a show stopper. Choosing a piece of art for your space should definitely  not be left for last, its imperative to include this during the design process itself especially if the artwork is meant to be a focal point.

1. Get Inspired: The art you choose not only needs to reflect the design of the space but should be something you truly love. While choosing art  for your home remember there are a variety of mediums to consider from paintings, photography to mixed media.

2. Size and Spacing: Knowing where to place artwork and the size are integral. Be mindful of your wall and room dimensions in searching for the perfect piece. When hanging art above furniture, keep a 6″ gap between art and furniture. Keep art work low and not too high, and at a comfortable eye level.

Unconventional but works: using your nose as a guide to hanging art work! Hang piece by locating center of art work with your nose, approx. 60″ from the ground. Use this centerline as a guide to hang everything whether centering frame with the line, or hanging frames in a pair on this line or side by side.

3. Content, Textures and Color: Think of which colors and textures you would like to introduce through the artwork. Do you want it to contrast with the colors in your space or match with color palette of the room? How is the artwork contributing? Does the content set mood or add a dimension in your room? The medium you choose will bring with it its own textural element.

4. Focal of the Room: Just how much attention do you want to draw to the artwork? Is it the first thing you want someone to look at when they enter the room or would you prefer having it blend in with the overall interiors? It is always good to know what the intention of the design is. Remember the artwork should not overwhelm the space but be an extension.

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